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Angelus Carminum
This short publication presents a small collection of unrelated independent writings on various subject matter.
Reaching into a place that is deep in the psyche of Australia's recent 200 year Aboriginal history; where many Aboriginal People may not be ready to acknowledge, and a place that most White people have avoided.
"The subject acknowledgement is revolutionary"
The Akhenaten Theorem
A new Physics Theory that is far removed from Classical, Traditional, Conventional, and New-age Theoretical and Accepted Physics.
Partners First Program
In 2012 the program guide book was released independently as an eBook separate from the program, and now serves as an unofficial guide for couples and families who are considering employment in the Mining and Resources Industry.
Sharon Gosper has always been interested in the Aboriginal History of Yamaji People of the Central West Cast of Australia; and here, in this Publication she presents a detail history of her own direct linage and family heritage, featuring her Grandparents, Ernest Drage and Ada Mallard.
The Real AbMusic
The fall of a Corporation that should have been one of the best things ever to happen for Aboriginal People.

Water and Hearts
Overflow on the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit

Monkey Mia 1986 – 1990 My Years
Sharon Gosper presents a brief overview of herprofessional and political years at Monkey Mia, Western Australia, within the Shark Bay area; as the Senior Ranger and Chief Protector of the Dolphins that frequent the waters and shoreline of Monkey Mia.
KKKommonwealth of Australia

New Publication Series Release beginning in 2018
Go from Advanced to Extremist
A Technical, Practical, Philosophical, and Spiritual look into Music, Scales and the Guitar.
The Beginning of a Dynasty
A story about a woman who was expected to live a life of servitude amid Murder and Slavery, and then be forgotten. Based on true events, with only the most fascinating parts of this story being factual, this story exposes some of Australia’s darkest secrets.
Fifth Chords
An unbiased, legitimate, and practical approach to Fifth Chords for the Guitar Player.
This is a Musical Theory publication based solely around Fifth Chords (sometimes referencing Power Chords).
"Indigenous Australians" defined for the 21st Century. A "Code of Practice" for Indigenous Australians to adhere to for the evolution of the Mind and Spirit; and further, that they may survive the next 100 years, lest Australia forget them in the onslaught of “progress”, ignorance, and greed.
Composition Joses
A collection of writings that cover a wide range of genres based upon the personal experiences, close observations, and intense empathy of the Author.
Written in a unique style that belongs solely to the Author - a twisting tunnel through the Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit.
This Publication documents a conversation between Ezekiel and Jesus, as recorded by Joses, in 1997.
A collection of Phrases, Words, and Statements that defines the Author's understanding of Universal Law.


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